OPERA Lip Tint Oil Rouge [7 Colors] 娥佩兰 柔润亮泽染色唇膏


This Cosme No. 1 lip tint oil rouge gives you a new makeup experience other than a lipstick or lipgloss. This lip tint is a combination of 3 different textures (Rouge x Tint ÷ Oil). A single application leaves the lips vividly colored, with a semi-matte shine and pure color. The tint formula gives the lips a natural blushed color that does not wear off. It glides over the lips without feeling sticky at all.

  • “OPERA” tint oil rouge that leads to a “mote textured lip” that looks slightly transparent.
  • The tint formulation that develops color in response to moisture keeps the newly developed color without fading.
  • Also pay attention to the playful color lineup that can be selected according to the style and scene, such as royal road coral pink that is not too sweet, pink red of a lady in love, and a sensual burgundy that is not only cute.


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