ORALPEACE Clean & Moisture Spray 30ml


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Natural, mild and refreshing taste
Clean & Moisture

Mild oral care health gel containing “Neonisin-e®*”

This product is adequate for tooth cleaning, oral care and moisturization of the oral cavity. It washes the oral cavity while brushing, removing dental plaque, preventing caries and bad breath and cleaning the oral cavity. Moreover, it moisturizes the oral cavity that is likely to become dry mouth and keeps it healthy.

Daily oral care with this product only

  • ORALPEACE cleans the oral cavity, moisturizes it and maintains a healthy condition.
  • ORALPEACE is degraded and digested in the body if it is swallowed.
  • Toothbrushing, cleaning, prevention of bad breath and moisturization of the oral cavity only with this product.

Daily oral care at ease

  • Chemosynthetic ingredient-free and available for infants, elderly people, pregnant women as well as lactating mothers.
  • For sensitive persons with rough skin in the oral cavity and persons who do not like chemosynthetic ingredients.
  • For people for whom there is concern about accidental ingestion and swallowing such as elderly people requiring nursing care, people experiencing severe disability and infants.
  • When camping, climbing mountains and during disasters when water is not available.


Spray as it is :
When you cannot clean your teeth or gargle or when you go out, push this product several times directly into the oral cavity as a mouth spray. Also available as an oral care product.

As a mouth wash :
Dilute a portion of about 3 pushes with about 20 mL of water in a glass and wash the oral cavity by keeping a sip in the mouth for about 30 seconds.


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