ORALPEACE Clean & Moisture Toothpaste Green 80G


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This one can be used to brush your teeth and moisturize your mouth. Cleans while brushing to remove plaque and prevent tooth decay and bad breath.
It also keeps the mouth healthy, which tends to be a dry mouth. Mint and plum flavor with natural and refreshing taste. A refreshing and refreshing feeling lasts.


  • Lactobacillus peptide preparation "Neonisin-eR *"
  • Industry-academia collaboration with graduate schools of Kyushu University
  • Based on Japanese biotechnology technology
  • Hypoallergenic, alcohol (ethanol) free
  • All ingredients other than water are plant-derived and safe to swallow
  • Products with low environmental impact even if they are released into rivers
  • Hypoallergenic oral care health gel made with water and plant-derived ingredients, containing neoniacin-eR *

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