Orbis Aqua Force Moisture 50g [2 Types] 奥蜜思 水原力保湿液 (滋润型/清爽型)


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  • Pursuing moisturizing that can be felt every day, I am in good shape today.
  • This is the Aqua Force Series moisturizing solution that focuses on the moisture content of the stratum corneum and moisturizes the skin into skin that is difficult to dry.
  • Cover the skin with a veil of water on the moisturizer you give it, and make it smooth and easy to apply.
  • No oil, no fragrance, no coloring.
  • No surfactant used.
  • Alcohol-free.
  • Slightly acidic.


  • For oily skin to normal skin.


  • For normal to dry skin.

日本制ORBIS 水原力保湿液M 水润型50g【JE精品美妆】日本制ORBIS 水原力保湿液M 水润型50g【JE精品美妆】日本制ORBIS 水原力保湿液M 水润型50g【JE精品美妆】


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