Orbis Body UV Protector SPF50+PA++++ 奥蜜思 身体防晒霜 SPF50+PA++++ 80g


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Orbis Wrinkle White UV Protector SPF50+PA++++

A sunscreen for the whole body that has the strongest guarding power and has a skin care effect that prepares the skin. Since the special manufacturing method "powder emulsification" technology is used, the powders agglomerate when they come into contact with sweat, increasing the strength of the film. It has strong resistance to rubbing and prevents the UV cut effect from decreasing. In addition, it suppresses stickiness and pursues the best comfort that makes you want to use it every day. It also contains skin care ingredients that support the barrier function, transparency, and firmness of the skin.

* Super waterproof

● Fragrance-free, coloring-free

● Surfactant-free

● Alcohol-free

奥蜜思 身体防晒霜 SPF50+PA++++

具有最强的保护能力并具有皮肤护肤功效的全身防晒霜。 使用了特殊的制造方法“粉末乳化”技术,因此粉末与汗液接触时会结块,从而提高了薄膜的强度。 它具有很强的耐摩擦性,并防止紫外线切割效果降低。 此外,它还可以抑制粘性并追求最佳舒适度,使您每天都想使用它。 它还包含支持屏障功能,透明性和紧致度的皮肤护理成分。






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