Orbis Clear Wash 120g 奥蜜思 和汉净痘洁面乳


Since 1984, Orbis is committed to creating an optimal environment and activating our skin's natural powers, the brand uses only essential, high quality raw materials, never supplying what the skin can create for itself.

  • This is a medicated acne skin care series (face wash) that approaches the root cause of repetitive periodic acne based on the most advanced skin science.
  • Contains moisturizing ingredient, purple root extract, and licorice extract, which regulates skin barrier function.
  • By using it continuously, you can adjust the condition of the skin to fluctuate easily and lead to healthy skin.
  • Facial cleanser: Non-stick foam removes clogged pores and prepares ingredients so that they can easily reach deep inside the skin.
  • In addition, with amino acid-based cleaning ingredients, it gently cleanses the skin while taking care of it.
  • No oil, no fragrance, no coloring.
  • Alcohol free.
  • Indication of use: about 1cm



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