Orbis U Moisture Cream 50g 奥蜜思 芯悠保湿精粹霜


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Based on the scientific knowledge that "beautiful skin can only be brought out in the water environment", ORBIS has been conducting thorough research for more than 30 years, focusing on the power of water. Although it is an aqueous component, the rich and rich feel is like water vaseline. Delivers plenty of moisture to the skin. Contains oat grain extract as a firming component. For moist skin that looks as if you are turning it bright like a bath.

  • A moisturizing liquid that gives an overwhelming sensation that goes beyond just care
  • A new tactile soufflery that has light on the cheeks.
    It is light despite being dense.
  • Gives skin a light and supple, subtle shimmer.
  • It is light despite being dense. A rich, fresh veil is applied to the skin that is apt to be exposed to various threats such as dryness from inside and outside.
  • Delivers moisture to your skin and leads to a fresh skin that looks brighter from the inside.
  • Contains unique high moisturizing ingredients and dense water jelly


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