Orbis U Trial Set 40ml 奥蜜思 芯悠7日旅行装


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ORBIS has been looking at the “power to be beautiful on its own” on the skin since the brand was born. Adult skin does not solve the problem simply by responding to worries on the spot. Making full use of the "natural power of the skin" to lead to independent beauty. That's cell fitness.

* 1 Care according to age
* 2 Rather than relying on excessive care, basic aging care is provided in 3 steps (face wash, lotion, moisturizer).
オ ル Orbis concept to be completed
* 3 Keeping the stratum corneum healthy

The cause of skin problems in the 30s was skin dehydration due to stagnation. The key to filling the skin cells with water was the Keyporin Booster, a key that creates a path for water and eliminates stagnation.
Making full use of the skin's original power, it leads to independent beauty.

* 4 Decrease in moisture of horny cells
* 5 Up to the stratum corneum
* 6 Enhance penetration (up to the stratum corneum)
* 7 Moisturizing ingredient that gives skin moisture and firmness

Orbis' unique moisturizing ingredient "Dense Water Jelly" is a water-based ingredient, but the rich and rich feel is like "Water Vaseline"!
Delivers plenty of moisture to the back of the skin. Cells that have a firm feeling by being filled with moisture will shine freshly.

<STEP1: Facial Cleanser> Orbis You Wash

  • The perception of lotion is wrong. A booster face wash that eliminates facial clouding causes such as dirt on pores and sebum.

<STEP2: Lotion> Orbis You Lotion

  • The melting freshness is soaked! Super penetration "Torosha" lotion realizes a feeling of firmness.

<STEP3: Moisturizing liquid> Orbis You Moisture

  • A rich, fresh and moist veil is applied to the skin, and light is applied to the cheeks.


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