Orihiro Pouch Jelly Grape Flavor 20g x 6pcs 立喜乐 蒟蒻低卡水果果冻 (提子味)



  • A petit-sized, delicious konnyaku jelly that that is bursting with flavor and fresh juice!
  • It has a delightful texture and comes in an convenient little pouch so it can be eaten little by little as you squeeze it out of the soft film.
  • With its shape designed to prevent from choking, this jelly is suitable for all ages.
  • It makes for the perfect, filling snack when you are little bit hungry.


  • In one product (20g)
    Calorie / kcal Protein / g Lipid / g Carbohydrate / g Salt equivalent / g
    13 0 0 3.2 0-0.1
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