Papa recipe

Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask 10pcs 春雨 蜂蜜保湿补水面膜 10片/盒


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  • It is the ultimate sweet skincare solution to all your skin concerns, regardless of your skin type

  • The Mask is formulated with a rich collection of natural ingredients that work to deeply hydrate and lock in the moisture for a lasting supple complexion

  • The Mask is made of organic pulp which feels comfortable on the skin and holds securely on the face for effective transfer of moisture and nutrients


  • It’s formulated with the patented PAPA RECIPE formula which excludes Paraben, mineral oil, and other chemicals which might cause skin irritation


  • It uses essential ingredients like Honey and Propolis extract to moisturize and nourish dry and dull skin 

It helps:

  • Skin dryness


  • Moisture lock-up function


  • Nourishes tired skin



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