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Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Pudding Cream 春雨蜂蜜布丁果冻面霜


PAPA RECIPE Bombee Honey Pudding Cream (135ml)
PAPA RECIPE Bombee Honey Pudding Cream is enriched with organic propolis and honey extract, making it intensively hydrates, replenishes and nourishes skin.

It builds up a barrier against possible irritants for stronger, healthier skin, and also locks in moisture. Its pudding texture enhances the moisturizing effect without generating heaviness or stickiness. You can immediate see a healthy radiance, and feels plump and silky smooth after application.

Multiple Features:
 Moisturizing
 Nourishing
 Reduce wrinkles and tighten pores
 Enhance skin elasticity
 Protecting skin
 Use as sleeping mask

【PAPA RECIPE春雨蜂蜜布丁果冻面霜】(135 毫升)

 高效保湿:面霜融合蜂胶提取物和蜂蜜提取物,达致保湿和镇静功效,使肌肤水润不绷紧。
 形成保护层:于肌肤形成水分保护层,预防肌肤表面水分流失,有助延长保湿效果,为肌肤全面保湿。
 修护滋润:蜂蜜成分有效修护肌肤,可抚平肌肤、细纹,收缩毛孔和提升弹力,绽放年轻光彩。


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