PASSIONCAT Dewy Glam Tint (02 Muse Coral) 韩国PASSIONCAT 持久水润魅惑唇釉 (02 缪斯珊瑚) 4g


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    02 Muse Coral: A lovely, light peach jelly-like coral color

    A cruelty-free glowing lip gloss in a lightweight jelly formula, Provides intense color payoff that lasts all day.

    NEW Jelly Glow Recipe

    • After applying the color, a sticky gloss surrounds the lips, creating a jelly gloss that becomes thicker over time.
    • Light adhesion allows for comfortable transparent jelly glow

    Clear volume and gloss

    • Clear and vivid color that does not become cloudy even when reapplied.
    • Jelly glow fills the wrinkles between the lips.
    • Even if you reapply it multiple times, the pigment may become stained. Evenly colored without clumping

    Light and comfortable jelly texture

    • Light and smooth glow texture
    • Maintains a light, plump jelly shine without stickiness
    • Moisturizes lips tightly and maintains gloss and color for a long time.
    • Maintains a thick and bouncy jelly shine like jelly no matter what angle you look at it from.

    Color it right

    • Forms a light gel film by separating the gloss while adhering the color closely.
    • Long-lasting effect that remains clear and vivid after being absorbed into the skin with moisture.

    *Product of Korea

    韩国PASSIONCAT 持久水润魅惑唇釉

      02 缪斯珊瑚: 可爱、浅桃色果冻般的珊瑚色



      • 涂抹颜色后,唇部周围会出现粘稠光泽,形成果冻光泽,随着时间的推移会变得更厚重。
      • 轻微的附着力可带来舒适的透明果冻光泽


      • 色彩清晰鲜艳,即使重新涂抹也不会变得混浊。
      • 果冻般的光泽填补了嘴唇之间的皱纹。
      • 即使多次重新涂抹,唇色也可能会被染色。 颜色均匀不结块


      • 轻盈光滑的发光质感
      • 保持轻盈、丰盈的果冻光泽而不粘腻
      • 紧密滋润双唇,长时间保持光泽和色泽。
      • 无论从哪个角度看,都能保持浓密而有弹性的果冻般光泽。


      • 光泽分离,颜色紧密附着,形成浅色凝胶膜。
      • 被肌肤滋润吸收后,效果持久、清晰、生动。



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