Paul & Joe 2024 Lipstick Refill (#20 Visit of Romance) Paul & Joe 2024春季系列 口红芯 (#20 浪漫之旅) 3g


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Paul & Joe 2024 Lipstick Refill (#20 Visit of Romance)

**Lipstick refill ONLY. Lipstick case sold separately.**

<20 exciting classic red>

  •  Introducing a new beloved color from Paul & Joe's lipstick that gives you brightly colored and glossy lips with a sense of happiness with just one swipe. A collection of beloved colors that blend naturally on your lips and will make you fall in love at first sight.
  • Contains a lasting polymer that absorbs moisture and turns into a gel to help makeup last longer, and a glow oil that adheres and prevents smearing. When applied, the lasting polymer reacts with the moisture on the lip surface and breath and turns into a gel, fitting as if it were integrated with the lips, maintaining their fresh-applied beauty.
  • Contains color conscious oil that evenly disperses pigments for highly pigmented lips that are evenly colored and incredibly vivid. In addition, high gloss oils such as glow oil are used as the base. For lips with an outstanding shine that beautifully reflects light.
  • Contains melting oil that melts at body temperature. The moment you apply it to your lips, it melts into a soft lip and glides on comfortably and smoothly.
  • Customized items that allow you to combine your favorite color and case.

*Made in JAPAN

Paul & Joe 2024春季系列 口红芯 (#20 浪漫之旅)


<20 令人兴奋的经典红色>

  • Paul & Joe 口红推出全新人气色号,只需轻轻一抹,即可打造色彩鲜艳、光泽亮丽的双唇,带来幸福感。我们拥有一系列人气色号,可自然融入您的双唇,让您一见倾心。
  • 含有吸收水分并变成凝胶的持久聚合物,可帮助妆容更持久,以及粘附并防止晕染的发光油。涂抹时,持久聚合物会与唇部表面的水分发生反应并呼吸,变成凝胶,就像与双唇融为一体一样贴合,保持其新鲜涂抹的美丽。
  • 含有均匀分散颜料的色彩敏感油,可让高色度的双唇均匀着色,色彩鲜艳无比鲜艳。此外,还使用发光油等高光泽油作为基底。打造具有出色光泽的双唇,可美丽地反射光线。
  • 含有在体温下融化的融化油。涂抹在嘴唇上的瞬间,它便融化成柔软的唇膏,舒适顺滑地滑过双唇。可定制的商品,让您可以组合自己喜欢的颜色和外壳。 



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