Paul & Joe Cleansing Cream 橄榄卸妆洁肤霜150g


The perfect way to begin & end your day – a relaxing massage that gently cleanses away dirt & impurities.
Luxurious & rich texture for an all over smoothness you can feel.
Skin feels soft & supple – without ever feeling sticky.
Smooth & resilient skin – never the need to “Double Cleanse”.

PAUL & JOE橄欖卸妆霜,卸妆霜萃取自古老橄欖树的橄欖油,有机迷迭香精、以及鼠尾草油,如吸附肌肤般的密合并滑顺地延展开来,卸除所有的化妆品和杂质,只留下柔软和弹性。浓稠的特性只要接触到皮肤,就会立即產生变化,提供你如同享受SPA的体验,同时、轻柔地卸除彩妆与杂质。





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