PAUL & JOE - Eyebrow Pencil Duo 1.5G

One pencil with two functions lets you draw both sharp and soft, natural lines as you desire. Paul & Joe brings you two different textures in a single pencil. The line color is designed with just the right hardness, giving you smooth, creamy control over even sharp lines in the corners of the eyes. Meanwhile, the powdery color gives brows a feathery touch and a soft look. Formulated with just the right balance of wax and oil, for not only a unique finished texture but also more intense, longer-lasting color. Lets you create beautiful, natural brows just the way you want them.

Draw the brows you want easily, without the need for any special techniques. Paul & Joe’s set of two exquisite colors lets you coordinate with your hair color or wardrobe to give brows exactly the look you want. Even without any fancy application techniques, you can create lightweight, natural looking brows.

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