PAUL & JOE Facial Cotton 80pads 柔软化妆棉 80片

  • The new PAUL & JOE cotton pad is specially designed with olive repairing essence oil and olive herbal moisturizing lotion. It is gently applied to the face and feels very elastic and comfortable. It can enhance the effect of applying skin care products. The unique layering technology allows the cotton pad to release the absorbed skin oil and lotion evenly on the skin, promoting the penetration of skin care ingredients into the skin. Gently wipe the facial skin to improve the smoothness and activate the skin, so that the skin's renewal metabolism is healthier. The top and bottom layers of the cotton pad are made of special fine fibers to reduce the friction with the skin, while the soft fibers of the interlayer make the cotton pad more elastic, even when applied with the skin oil.
  • 全新的 PAUL & JOE化妆棉,专门配合橄榄修护美肌精华油及橄榄草本保湿乳液而设计,轻拍于面部,感觉极有弹性及舒适,能加强涂抹护肤产品的效果。 独特的分层处理技术,让化妆棉能够将吸收的美肌油及乳液,在肌肤上均匀释放,促进护肤成份渗透肌肤。 轻轻抹拭面部肌肤,可提升幼滑度及活化肌肤,令肌肤的更新代谢更健康。 化妆棉顶底两层采用特别幼细的纤维制造,减少与肌肤的摩擦,而夹层的柔软纤维则可令化妆棉质地更有弹性,即使在涂抹美肌油时亦不易破裂。Image result for 4969527166094

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