Paul & Joe - Gel Foundation N Refill SPF25 PA++ 升级版水凝透亮啫喱粉底霜补充装


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Having been long loved as a “water foundation,” a new, upgraded PAUL & JOE’s gel foundation will make its debut. With water-based ingredients still accounting for 80% of its content, the new foundation provides richer moisture and achieves a clearer, flawless finish. The foundation makes the skin smooth, radiant and brimming with rich moisture.

肌肤变得非常水润及幼滑。啫喱质感的粉底,轻易在肌肤上溶化及延展,触感柔滑。精心改良深受欢迎的粉底霜「精华素型粉底」隆重登场。全新升级的PAUL & JOE水凝透亮啫喱粉底霜终于隆重登场,以大约80%的水份作基础,保湿度更高,令妆容达至更完美无瑕。粉底霜让肌肤注入大量水份,变得更光滑亮泽。*补充装不包括粉盒,需配合粉盒使用,请另配选粉盒。


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