Paul & Joe Illuminating Loose Powder 光感亮肌蜜粉


Illuminate your face this spring with Paul & Joe Illuminating Loose Powder.

This lovely powder is made with a blend of 3 types of pearls and reflects light to brighten, lighten and even out skin’s appearance for a complexion that appears flawless. 

This powder brightens skins and eliminated dullness to provide different levels of radiant reflection. 

全新的光感亮肌蜜粉,含熏衣草紫珍珠微粒,能够折射光线,带来亮白、均匀的无瑕精致美肌。专为配合光感亮肌妆前隔离霜而研制的蜜粉,含有熏衣草紫珍珠微粒,由内而外透出亮采光芒,修正暗哑肌肤,令轮廓看来紧致而具立体感。 淡紫色的珠光微粒在肌肤上均匀延展,使脸庞看起来亮白剔透,散发优雅光泽。


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