Paul & Joe - Lip Concealer Duo 01 Paul & Joe 双效唇部修饰笔 01 1.8g


Paul & Joe Lip Concealer Duo

The Paul & Joe Beaute Lip Concealer Duo pencil contains oils that melt at body temperature to adhere to skin, allowing you to draw creamy-textured lines around the lip line to accentuate your natural shape while ensuring lip color remains in place. Combinations of yellow, which appears natural on the skin, and pink, which brightens the skin, to suit any lip or skin complexion.


Apply to lip line as if erasing the lip contour.;Apply to corners to make them appear lifted, which creates a cute look. Apply to the outline of the lower lip, which adjusts the shadowed area and gives brightness.

To create added volume, smooth around the entire lip line or fill in the lip completely to control irregularities in complexion. When the lead becomes blunt, sharpen using the sharpener (sold separately).

 Paul & Joe 双效唇部修饰笔



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