Paul & Joe Lip Treatment Balm 保湿修护唇霜


Clean, not-too-sweet scent of natural fragrances spearmint and sweet almond. 
The new Lip Treatment Balm leaves lips moist and smooth with brighter long lasting colors. This two-in-one acts a lip primer creating a foundation for beautiful lips while caring for lips with the treatment effect of olive oil. The new olive oil base creates a radiant, moist veil that spreads smoothly onto lips to create a smooth, even surface allowing even application of lip color that stays vivid all day.

全新保湿修护唇霜,令樱唇滋润幼滑,唇色更明亮持久。二合一的配方,可作 为唇部底霜使用,提升彩妆的美丽效果;同时配方中含有的橄榄油,能够为唇部肌肤提供保湿 修护。 全新的橄榄油基底成份,能在嘴唇上形成明亮水润的保湿膜,顺滑延展,令嘴唇表面犹如一幅 幼滑均匀的画布,确保之后的唇膏上妆效果更均匀,令唇色整日保持夺目瑰丽。香味:果香薄荷 - 揉合薄荷及甜杏仁,交织出纯净的自然清香。


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