Paul & Joe - Lipstick CS Rouge Refill 3.5g [5 Colors] PAUL&JOE 巴黎花坊系限量唇膏内芯 [多色选择]


Paul & Joe Lipstick CS Rouge Refill

Paul & Joe Beauté showcases springtime in Paris with clear, vivid blooming colors for soft and pretty tinted lips with the Paul & Joe Lipstick CS. 

Pops of red, pink and orange create the perfect pout for kissable lips this spring. Available in three shades, the Lipstick CS is designed with a clear gloss maintaining a thick, smooth layer on the lips so the softly tinted shine of color lasts for hours.


Insert the lipstick into the dedicated case and push until it clicks into place. Remove the cover and attach the cap. Extend the lipstick about 3 mm to apply to the lips directly or using a lip brush.
Key Ingredients and Benefits:
Orange Flower Water – Moisturizer
White Lily Extract – Moisturizer, prevents skin irritation
Jojoba Oil – Emollient
Orange Oil – Emollient
Shea Butter – Emollient
Macadamia Nut Oil - Emollient
PAUL&JOE 巴黎花坊系限量唇膏内芯

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