Paul & Joe Nail Enamel Remover 100ml 洗甲水


With a silky smooth texture, it blends right into nail enamel, allowing you to instantly and effortlessly remove even glitter polish and nail art. Added conditioning ingredients provide nails with more tender loving care than ever, removing nail enamel without damaging the nails.

丝般幼滑的质地,有效溶化指甲油,实时轻易清除各种甲妆,包括闪粉甲油及彩绘指甲。配方新增的修护成份,带来比原有配方更温和的呵护,有效去除指甲油而不会损害指甲。即使卸妆后,指甲亦不会变白、油腻或黏手,亦不会留下薄膜或油污。 [使用方法] 以棉花球沾取适量洗甲水,在指甲上轻轻揉搓,抹去指甲油。


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