PAUL & JOE - Pore Smoothing Primer 10ML


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Start Spring fresh with the new Paul & Joe Pore Smoothing Primer. The Pore Smoothing Primer creates a smooth canvas for effortless makeup application that lasts all day. Active ingredients help tighten pores and keep oil at bay for an all-day smooth finish.

• Acetyl Hyaluronic Acid – Moisturizer
• Clove Extract – Moisturizer
• Grape Leaf Extract – Moisturizer
• Hyaluronic Acid – Moisturizer
• Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid – Moisturizer
• Jojoba Seed Oil – Emollient
• Orange Flower Water – Moisturizer
• White Lily Extract – Moisturizer, Prevents Irritation

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