Paul & Joe - Pressed Blush [ Refill Only ] - #1 Secret D'Or 1pc 日本Paul & Joe双色胭脂 补充装 闪亮香槟色*香槟粉红 1pc


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Product Feature:

An easy-to-apply powder blush that will make you look good with its blend of shimmering champagne and pearl pink. 

Each tri-coloured bead is coated in oil and pressed into a creamy, smooth consistency that is a delight to wear. The product contains oils with superior adhesion as well as oil-absorbing powders for an even distribution on the skin and a seamless fit that resists dulling and creasing.

A radiant, dazzling, sparkling palette ideal for daytime makeup. 



双色搭配的腮红,即可单独使用,亦可叠加涂抹。蕴含Fitting Oil密贴油以及多孔粉末的配方,粉质细腻,显色自然的同时,能够紧密贴合肌肤并吸收过量油脂,防止妆容暗沉,出现褶痕等脱妆现象。持久呈现精致腮红妆容。


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