Paul & Joe - Pressed Face Powder 轻透蜜粉


This Pressed Powder creates a soft, dewy finish for a photo-ready finish or speedy touch ups throughout your busy day! Housed in a special case in the classic yellow color - these pressed powders offer you value and savings over time, with a case and refill design.

Compact case sold separately. This item is a refill only.

瞬间让肌肤呈现粉嫩质感,透现青春光泽。三款完美衬托肤色的色调,质地轻盈透薄,如空气般的触感,舒适幼滑贴肤,具有控油作用,轻轻一扑便拥有如搪瓷般亮丽的肌肤,缔造完美无瑕的底妆。 [使用方法] 将轻透蜜粉(补充装)放入进轻透蜜粉盒中。用刀片在粉芯的纸面上割一个十字,再割出图形的纸片丢弃。放好筛网。涂完粉底后,以附送的粉朴沾取适当蜜粉,轻轻点按涂匀全脸。然后用同一个粉朴,印走多余粉末,将蜜粉推至与肌肤贴服融合。



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