Paul & Joe Serum Encre Noir 15ml 黑致提升精华素


A serum to cool and refresh the skin.

Effectively tightening to skin to promote a more sculpted finish, Serum Encre Noir is formulated with caffeine to rejuvenate and refresh. Perfect for loose or lacklustre skin types, this firming serum leaves the complexion smoother, stronger and more youthful.

提升和紧致!紧致肌肤,向上提升,令轮廓更分明。 黑致提升精华素触感凉快清新,令肌肤看起来、感觉得到更加紧致。 触感凉快清新,令肌肤紧致、塑造向上提升、线条分明、重现雕塑般的立体感。 可爱的瓶子,装着来自地中海的彩色美丽祝福。


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