Paul & Joe Serum Rouge 15ml 红润嫩肌精华素


A serum to moisturise the skin.

Ideal for dry or mature skin types, Serum Rouge contains a high concentration of moisturising and firming ingredients to rehydrate and nourish the complexion. Formulated with raspberry and tomato extracts, this luxurious serum simultaneously plumps to leave the skin smoother, softer and more youthful.

补充水分及柔肤!红润嫩肌精华素能令成熟或干燥肌肤回复柔软舒适。 全新的红色精华素,在所有 PAUL & JOE 产品中含最高浓度的保湿因子,确保肌肤充满弹性又紧致,让干燥的肌肤全面饮饱水,兼具抗衰老修护功效。 可爱的瓶子,装着来自地中海的彩色美丽祝福。


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