PDC Liftarna Premium Melty Mask 1pc 日本PDC 高端魔法可融化护肤泡澡面膜 1枚入




  • It is a premium mask that melts serum.
  • Used while immersed in a bathtub, a feeling of moisture as if it melts into the skin and keeps a mask all the time.
  • Preservative free.
  • "New sensation mask" like hardened beauty essence ingredient in face shape.
  • As the mask contains plenty of essence, firmly moisturize.
  • Melt the mask while wetting with a wet hand, penetrate the horny layer ingredients into the stratum corneum, finally melt like a magic "melting mask of new feeling" is lost.
  • 25 types of moisturizing ingredients are added to make your skin healthy.
  • It will deliver moisture to the stratum corneum firmly and leads to the skin which is plumped.
  • As with hot towel esthetic, react to steam, the mask gets warm and warm, giving moisture to your skin and preparing it.

How to use:

  • Use in the bath after washing make-up.
  • Use it with your face wet.
  • Peel off the upper and lower protective films (white film, transparent film) according to the procedure and use only the beauty solution mask at the middle.
  • Remove the white film at the bottom of the mask.
  • Put it on your skin and apply the beauty solution mask to your skin from above the transparent film, slowly peel off the transparent film.
  • Similarly, peel off the white film on the top of the mask and peel the transparent film slowly after applying the essence mask to your skin from above the transparent film.
  • When put on your skin it gets warm, use it as it is for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • After that, when the hot water is gradually applied to the mask, the mask melts out.
  • Massage so that it fills your skin repeatedly until the mask melts.


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