PDC Wafood Made Red bean Mask(Wash off) 红豆保湿滋润去角质面膜 需水洗 170g


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  • 去除角质 滋润补水,可以清除老化角质,皮脂, 天然的魔芋成分,按摩时可以放松皮肤
  • 主要针对粗糙且乾燥的肌肤,红豆皮中的天然保湿成分
  • 使用方法:
  • 清洁面部以后,取适量涂抹全面,避开眼周,然后用双手轻轻按摩全脸,几分钟以后用清水冲干净即可。
  • Exfoliate Moisturizing and hydrating, it can remove aging keratin, sebum, natural konjac ingredients, relax skin when massaged.Mainly for rough and dry skin, natural moisturizing ingredients in red bean skin
  • How to use:
  • After washing the face,wipe off moisture gently with a towel etc,spreading it while massaging it.Rinse thoroughly with water.2-3 times a week.


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