peachjohn beauty Night Esthetic Hip Mask 5 pairs 日本蜜桃派夜用去臀印美臀膜 5对/盒


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Product Feature:

This hip mask is intended to absorb and penetrate the keratinized layer of the skin. This rigorous mask is meant to increase the size of your hips. Wheatgrass extract improves skin elasticity and shine and contains glycyrrhizinic acid 2K to prevent skin irritation. A highly efficient gel mask containing concentrated beauty essence is used to create the mask. The round corners and two-piece structure of the gel and non-fiber fabric keep it from catching on clothing, and the beauty components are administered and properly moisturized till the next morning.

How to Use:

It contours to the shape of the hips, cinches up from the bottom to the top, and is ready for bed. Use it once or twice a week.





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