PELICAN SOAP Belle Linge Soap For Lingerie 160G

  • A natural vegetable soap for long lasting lingerie
  • Not only do stains come out well, but also uses a gentle formula that cares for underwear that touches bare skin.
  • You can gently clean & refresh underwear that are close to your skin and delicate bras that you don't want to lose their shape.
  • No additive: Fluorescent brightener, bleach, preservative, coloring agent, synthetic surfactant, animal-derived material.
  • Use 97% or more of natural origin ingredients.
  • Comes with a sponge that also becomes a soap holder.
  • Image result for ベル・ランジェ 洗濯石鹸How to use:

  • Wash the bra or underwear in a shower at 40°C or less for about 30 seconds.
  • Scrub the soap with the given sponge and wet the sponge
  • Wash laundry with the foamy sponge
  • Apply hot water below 40°C and gently rinse as you push hot water until it becomes clear.
  • Gently push the water off, gently with a towel, absorb extra water.
  • Hold the bra behind the hook and dry under two places under the cup.
  • To prevent the underwear from stretching, pinch and dry two places on the left and right of the waist.
  • Soaps should be well drained, placed on sponges and kept well ventilated for longer use.
  • When the dirt is severe, it can be used as a partial wash before washing with a fully automatic washing machine.


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