PELICAN SOAP Peat Stone Body Scrub Soap 100g 沛丽康 泥炭石身体磨砂皂 100g


PELICAN SOAP Peat Stone Body Scrub Soap

Reveal smoother, more radiant skin with this exfoliating body soap from Japan made with bamboo charcoal, kaolin, bentonite and cypress oil. Together, these ingredients get rid of dead skin cells that make skin look dark and dull, as well as removing excess sebum and impurities. Give extra attention to areas prone to roughness and darkening like the knees, armpits, groin and elbows to achieve an even-toned complexion.

沛丽康 泥炭石身体磨砂皂

清洁毛孔污垢! 磨砂皂吸附暗沉! 让肌肤更加光滑有光泽! 方便拿握的圆形肥皂。更贴合身体曲线! 温柔柏木清香。


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