PELICAN Uji Matcha Green Tea Soap 沛丽康 京都产宇治抹茶皂 80g


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PELICAN Uji Matcha Green Tea Soap

Using Uji matcha tea leaves from Kyoto, the tea leaves are pulverised and ground into a fine powder to completely retain ingredients such as catechin. Catechin has a good antibacterial effect, can inhibit the bacteria that cause human skin diseases, and has a good effect on the treatment of eczema. And it also has anti-radiation, ultraviolet, antioxidant and other effects to protect your skin in an all-round way. This matcha soap can be used all over the body!

Contains sea mud. Sea mud is a kind of mineral mud in the deep sea. It contains a variety of biological components and rich minerals needed by the human body. Its unique pore structure has extraordinary adsorption capacity. It can completely remove the deep dirt and oil of the skin. The point is, this facial soap exudes a strong Uji matcha scent all over the body. When cleansing and bathing, the skin is wrapped in a dense matcha-smelling foam, as if washing the face in a matcha bubble bath!

*Made in Japan

沛丽康 京都产宇治抹茶皂





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