Peripera Color Fit Tint Water Gel 新款果汁染唇釉

$11 $14

Peripera Color Fit Tint Water Gel is a long-lasting lip tint that stains lips without smudging or stickiness. The lip tint has vivid, powerful, juicy color pay-off and does not budge or transfer. 

About Color

01 Hipster Beet Press : A burgundy color with a hip, cool and dark mood.
02 Beauty Cherry Press : A standard red color for legendary beauty.
03 Cute Raspberry Press : A pinkish red color with cute and fresh charm.
04 Vitalizing Grapefruit Press : A grapefruit red color that vitalizes your face with 100% complexion.
05 Chic Chili Press : A chili red color with a chic mood and beauty for deep warm tone.
07 Elegant Red Bean Press : MLBB for cool tone! A red bean color that makes your lips elegant and beautiful as if you were born with them


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