PH5B Cleansing Towels Pack 60pcs PH5B 纯棉加厚洁面巾 60抽


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PH5B Cleansing Towels

PH5B: Balance is essential for clean, radiant skin.

  • Your bathroom towels are full of bacteria that accumulate over time!
  • The Sanitary Solution: clean and dry your face with our 100% organic, anti-bacterial, biodegradable, and disposable cleansing towels.
  • Remove dirt, oil buildup, and makeup from the skin more effectively with cleansing towels absolutely untainted by bacteria or human contact.
  • Can be used dry or wet with a cleanser.
  • Swaddle skin in a cloud-like texture of thin, super-soft cotton fibers.

PH5B 纯棉加厚洁面巾

卫生解决方案:100% 有机、抗菌、一次性洁面巾清洁和擦干您的脸。

  • 干净不会被细菌或人接触污染
  • 可以更有效地去除皮肤上的污垢、油脂和化妆品。
  • 可以干用或湿用。
  • 超柔软的棉纤维制成的云状质地包裹皮肤。

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