PINE CREATE Happy Bear Mascot Hand Towel (Pink) 日本PINE CREATE 快乐熊动物造型擦手巾 (粉色)


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PINE CREATE Happy Bear Hand Towel Mascot 

When you store the towel part, it turns into a mascot!

From the popular towel mascot series, a new fluffy and cute happy bear that is perfect for a small gift!

Happy Bears with a gift-like ribbon will surely be pleased with celebrations and small gifts for those who have taken care of them! It is also recommended for private celebrations, souvenirs, and greetings for moving.

In addition, it has a loop and can be hung on the hook cutely, so it will be a healing interior just by looking at it. 

It's also popular for children's nursery schools and kindergartens 


日本PINE CREATE 快乐熊动物造型擦手巾



材質表面輕柔並能充分吸收水分,觸感舒適 擦手使用時療癒的外型,讓您的洗手台一角也能散發活潑的氣息

非常適合帶到辦公室使用,不管打開使用或是折起收納都非常可愛 這也會是一樣非常棒小禮物!

尺寸 : 收納時(W120 x H95 x D60 mm) 擦手巾展開部分(約300x300mm)

材質 : 聚酯纖維85% 尼龍15%


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