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Pitatto Friends Plush Toy S (Cinnamoroll) 三丽鸥 磁吸站立娃娃 S (玉桂狗)


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Pitatto Friends Plush Toy S
It sticks tightly to the base with magnets, so you can stand as you like
Comes with elastic that allows you to hold small items in both hands ♪

Product Details

  • Approx. 15 x 5.3 x 12cm
    Base: Approx. 9 x 0.3 x 9cm
  • polyester
  • The magnets on the soles of the feet allow it to stick tightly to the base and stand on its own.
  • This doll is perfect for sewing.
  • You can hold small items by holding it between the rubber bands.
  • Same-release accessory set, dress-up clothes, and clothes rack. ” etc.
  • Target age 3 years and above


Doll 1, Magnet base 1
* Made in China


三丽鸥 磁吸站立娃娃 S



  • 15 x 5.3 x 12厘米
    底座:约 9 x 0.3 x 9 厘米
  • 聚酯纤维
  • 脚底带有磁铁,可以紧紧地粘在底座上并自行站立。
  • 这款娃娃非常适合缝纫。
  • 用橡皮筋夹住小东西即可。套装、换装服、衣架等。





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