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Plus eau Maegami Reset Powder 日本Plus Eau 刘海定妆粉 40g


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Plus eau Maegami Reset Powder

To keep your bangs in style, apply on your forehead in the morning to prevent sebum!
Reset bangs that are messy due to stickiness and sweat during the day to fluffy bangs in the morning!
Comes with a mirror that is convenient to carry!

Effective when used with Plus-O Point Repair!

How to Use
1. Take out the special puff
2. Apply powder to the back of the bangs using a puff
3. Apply to the front side of the bangs from the root to the tip of the hair
4. For ahoge on the top of the head and the upper part of the head, use Point Repairs to quickly fix it.

*Made in Japan

日本Plus Eau 刘海定妆粉

为了让刘海保持时尚,早上涂抹在额头上可防止皮脂!白天因黏糊糊和出汗而凌乱的刘海,早上即可恢复蓬松刘海!附赠镜子,方便携带!与 Plus-O Point Repair 一起使用效果更佳!

1. 取出专用粉扑
2. 用粉扑将粉末涂抹在刘海后部
3. 从发根到发梢涂抹在刘海前部
4. 对于头顶和头顶上方的蓬松,使用 Point Repairs 可快速修复。



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