plus eau

Plus eau Point Repairing Stick for Hair 日本Plus Eau头发定型刷


This is not a mascara. This is for arranging your hair. 

You can fix stray hairs everywhere, anytime with the compact size repairing stick. 



  • A gel-like hair styling that soothes and straightens messy hair.


  • Just by gently blanching the area of interest a little, the blush contains the gel-like moisturizing care ingredients, and blend with the long hair around the hair, arrange the splits and the collective hair naturally, and then finish the salon grade hair.


  • As it is mascara-shaped, you can use it without getting your hands dirty, so it's easy to carry because it's the size that goes into the pouch.


  • Employs a brush that is larger than a general eye makeup mascara, can cover a large area with a single coat.


  • The natural shape of the hair is perfect, without the wax that tend to be finished when only the painted parts become heavy.


    Stray hair: lightly stroke stray hairs with the hair stick. 

    Disheveled hair: lightly stroke hair with the hair stick. 

    Bangs: stroke bangs from inside. 


    Cautions: For external use only. Do not use on broken skin. 


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