POLA BA Men The Serum 90ml POLA宝丽 BA抗糖化男士精华乳液


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POLA BA Men The Serum

A multifunction essence – lotion, milk and essence in one. Pola’s most intensive anti ageing for men
BA (Bio Active) Range
The Award winning BA series

BA skincare is Pola’s ultimate brand which is the one and only solution for those who seek true beauty.
The origin of beautiful skin is to maximize the full potential of each skin cell.
BA series is created as an accomplishment of Pola’s latest technology.

How to Use

Use Daily after washing the face
Rich essence that penetrates by melting and leaves skin firm and energised.
Just one pump is required
Smooth texture leaves a hydrating, luxurious feel to the skin


Features & Benefits:

  • Firmness and elasticity is improved in 1-month
  • Ingredients are formulated to create firm, lifted and energised skin
  • The skin is left smoother and softer
  • Nano-Route Capsules penetrate the skin to actively improve the absorption of moisture


POLA宝丽 BA抗糖化男士精华乳液

POLA BA MEN 男士奢华BA精华二合一乳液只需一瓶,满足所有护肤需求,还有POLA独有的保湿成分,渗透到肌肤深处,保持肌肤的活力和弹性。磨砂金属外壳配合月桂树及迷迭香的浓郁香草味道,充分表达出刚强硬朗的男士风范。


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