Pola Collagen Jelly Chardonnay/Ruby Red Flavor 3 Months 90bags 宝丽 胶原蛋白果冻(葡萄口味)


This product contains collagen with jelly chardonnay and ruby red flavor. In addition to collagen, moon peach, vitan C, and seven other beauty ingredients (pineapply, lingon berry, pomegranate flower, rose hip, mangosteen, star), fruit leaves and alow supports beauty and health. 

Jelly Chardonnay/Ruby Red Flavor


  • Provides your skin with structure and strengthens your bones
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Packed with nutrients, and many more 


  • Take 1 to 3 bags a day as a guide. 
  • It taste more delicious if cooled. 
  • Cut the end of the bag from the cutter and push it out from below. 


  • 900g (10g x 90 bags) 


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