Pola Detaille la Maison Bath Amenity Set 宝丽 Detaille沐浴专用套装


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A series of hair and body care aroma items created in collaboration with the long-established boutique "De Taille" in Paris and POLA. We bring the traditional quality and elegant scent that is loved by the ladies of Paris to your hair, skin and heart.

Specially selected floral and fruit scents. Contains hyaluronic acid and Yuri extract to maintain moisturizing beauty.

<Set contents>

  • Shampoo 50mL x 1
  • Conditioner 50mL x 1
  • Body soap 50mL x 1
  • Skin soap 50g x 1
  • Body lotion 50g x 1
  • Bath gel 50mL x 1

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