POLA Gel Douche Mergence Quick Shower Gel 500ml 日本宝丽男士持久留香沐浴露

MERGENCE focuses on the body scent and skin changes unique to men
  • Quick Shower Gel approaches the change or men's odor.
  • Just take the gel on your palm and apply directly on your body, and rinse off the gel.
  • The gel removes the odor without taking time.
  • The gel leads to likable impression with clean and tidy.
  • The scent of citrus with marine note which were co-designed with Robartet, a long-established perfume maker in France.

宝丽(POLA) POLA/宝丽Mergence男士持久留香沐浴露500ml【图片价格品牌报价】-京东


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