Pola V Resonatic Anti-Aging Facial Cream 50g 宝丽 晶致光耀 V脸贵妇美容面霜


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  • Total aging care of POLA's highest peak cream
  • For young, active, and positive looking face
  • Whitening component suppresses generation of melanin, prevent spots and freckles
  • Improves sagging of face
  • Dullness improvement due to drying and disturbance of texture etc
POLA's unique "Build-up Theory" aiming at a plump three-dimensional face.
Original beauty ingredient "R.C extract" for deep moisturization is compounded.

About the cream texture - 
Gently wraps around and feels like being loosened to the heart every time you use this cream.
Even though it is rich, it has a sense of smooth penetration into your skin.
It spreads as if melting, leading your skin to be soft and rich to the deepest level.

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