Pola White Shot RXS Facial Cream 宝丽 炫白精华凝乳 RXS晶致版 50g


Pola White Shot RXS Facial Cream 

A creamy beauty serum that works specifically on areas of concern

This serum permeates deeply to make your entire face glow with truly translucent and beautiful skin.

 Works for skin clarity

Contains POLA's original complex Rucinol®EX*1 (Two types of brightening active ingredients and skin benefit constituents*2), and POLA's original beauty ingredients*3.
Active ingredients for brightening are delivered to melanocytes deep within the skin, to create skin that is beautifully clear and translucent.

How to use

First care the skin with lotion,then take it out and put the product on the entire face.

*Made In Japan



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