Pola Wrinkle Shot Facial Serum 20g POLA 抗皱精华液


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Pola Wrinkle Shot Facial Serum has the following features:

  • Proved by Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency in Japan, Wrinkle Shot has a significant effect on improving wrinkles.
  • Tested on 68 women, during 12 weeks, twice a day, the wrinkle shot improved the appearance of wrinkles on 70% of women. The best improvement rate of wrinkles, on women showing the most reduced wrinkles appearance, was 34%.
  • Can be used in different areas including forehead, eye, eyebrow and mouth area that helps visibly lighten the wrinkles.
  • Fragrance free, no color additives, allergy tested (formulated to minimize the risk of allergy) 

How to use:

  • Use it after lotion.
  • Apply it on the wrinkles/fine lines area or on the targeted areas that you want to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.



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