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Pompompurin Shaka Shaka Bangs Clip Set 三丽鸥 布丁狗流沙亮片亚克力无痕刘海夹


Pompompurin Shaka Shaka Bangs Clip Set

Glitter sequins inside moves along with you! It is convenient to take it off and go out immediately because it does not leave a mark.

  • Hologram parts move squishy inside
  • No pin marks or swells
  • For makeup, face washing, work, and meals!
  • Can be attached to either the left or right side.


Approximately 6.5 x 3.3 x 1 cm

Main Materials 

ABS resin

三丽鸥 布丁狗流沙亮片亚克力无痕刘海夹

移动時流沙亮片也會動喔。 摘下后不留痕迹,马上能出门。

  • 固定刘海到位,不会滑落。
  • 适合 化妆、洗脸、用餐和办公桌工作时用!
  • 左侧或右侧都可以夹。


大约 6.5 x 3.3 x 1 厘米




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