Cosme Decorte 黛珂

[PRE-ORDER] DECORTE Sun Shelter Multi Protection Tone Up CC SPF50+ Pa++++ [预售] 黛珂 多重亮护素颜CC霜 SPF50+ Pa++++ 35g


DECORTE Sun Shelter Multi Protection Tone Up CC SPF50+ Pa++++

**PRE-ORDER items - estimated arrival time will be Late May** 

A tone-up CC with natural coverage that brings out the beautiful appearance of bare skin with an essence cream base that protects transparency with a comfortable skin care touch .

[01 Light Beige] Light beige that blends well with the skin
[02 Beige] Beige that blends well with the skin
[10 Lavender Rose] Lavender that brings out the natural transparency and complexion of bare skin and tones it up

How to Use

  • Please use after preparing your skin with lotion.
  • Take a pearl-sized amount on your fingertips, place on 5 areas: chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead, and spread it over the entire face until it blends well.

*If the amount used is too small, sufficient UV protection effect will not be obtained.
*It is more effective when used in conjunction with other cosmetics that have UV protection effects.
*If you do not use foundation, please reapply it frequently. Please reapply after wiping with a towel or after sweating.
*When removing, please use a cleansing agent.

*Made in Japan

黛珂 多重亮护素颜CC霜 SPF50+ Pa++++



[01 透亮肤色] 与肌肤融合的浅米色
[02 自然肤色] 与肌肤融为一体的米色
[10 薰衣草玫瑰色] 薰衣草,凸显裸露肌肤的自然透明感和肤色,提亮肤色


  • 请在用化妆水调理肌肤后使用。
  • 用指尖取珍珠大小的量,涂抹在下巴、脸颊、鼻子和额头 5 个部位,然后涂抹到整个面部,直至充分融合。

*如果您不使用粉底,请经常重新涂抹。 请用毛巾擦拭或出汗后重新涂抹。



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