Cosme Decorte 黛珂

[PRE-ORDER] DECORTE Sun Shelter Multi Protection Very Water Resistant Sunscreen SPF50+ Pa++++ [预售] 黛珂 多重防护隔离防晒霜 防水型 35g


DECORTE Sun Shelter Multi Protection Very Water Resistant Sunscreen SPF50+ Pa++++

**PRE-ORDER items - estimated arrival time will be Late May** 

Waterproof type with long-lasting high UV protection effect, resistant to sweat, sebum, and abrasions. The veil of UV in the water film allows it to adhere tightly to the skin without feeling sticky or burdensome. A sunscreen that leads to supple, firm and bright skin.

More powerful and more comfortable.
This sun shelter has been reborn with new technology.
Veil UV (Even Water Veil Technology), a water film with a fresh feeling, spreads smoothly and evenly on the skin, providing a high level of protection. It effectively protects your skin not only from UV rays, but also from dryness, dust, pollen, and other particles in the air , while providing lasting comfort. Not only your skin but also your heart will feel fresh and comfortable. Experience the advanced UV care on your skin.

How to Use

  • If you are using it on your face, please use it at the end of your morning skin care routine or before applying makeup. (You can also use it on the neck, limbs, etc.)
  • Please spread a sufficient amount evenly over your skin.

*If the amount used is too small, sufficient UV protection effect will not be obtained.
*Please recolor frequently. Please reapply after wiping with a towel or after sweating.
*When removing it, lather up the face wash or body wash and wash thoroughly. If you find it difficult to remove, recomme using a cleansing agent.

*Made in Japan

黛珂 多重防护隔离防晒霜 防水型


防水型,具有持久的高紫外线防护效果,耐汗、皮脂和擦伤。 水膜中的紫外线使其能够紧密地粘附在皮肤上,而不会感到粘腻或负担。 打造柔软、紧致、明亮肌肤的防晒霜。

Veil UV(Even Water Veil Technology),一种清爽感的水膜,平滑、均匀地铺展在肌肤上,提供高水平的保护。它不仅能有效保护您的肌肤免受紫外线的伤害,还能抵御干燥、灰尘、 去除花粉和空气中的其他颗粒,同时提供持久的舒适感。不仅您的皮肤,而且您的心脏都会感到清新舒适。体验皮肤上的先进紫外线护理。


  • 如果您在脸上使用它,请在早晨护肤程序结束时或化妆之前使用它。 (也可以用在颈部、四肢等处)
  • 请将足量均匀涂抹在皮肤上。

*请经常重新着色。 请用毛巾擦拭或出汗后重新涂抹。
*取下时,请用洗面奶或沐浴露打出泡沫并彻底清洗。 如果您发现难以去除,建议使用清洁剂。



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