GODIVA meets Animal Crossing Chocolate Assortment (6pcs/box) with Original Pouch 日本歌帝梵 X 集合啦!动物森友会巧克力礼盒 (6片/盒) +化妆包

[Pre-Order] GODIVA meets Animal Crossing Chocolate Assortment (6pcs/box) with Original Pouch

A total of 6 chocolates depicting characters from "Atsume Animal Crossing" and 6 chocolates modeled after marks and items in the game, Godiva's 2023 Valentine's theme, an original design depicting a merry-go-round. packed in cans.

Chocolate Length 85 x Width 123 x Height 16mm 70g
Pouch size: Length 40 x Width 160 x Height 110 mm
Pouch material: Synthetic leather, polyester
Raw Ingredient
Chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, whole milk powder) (manufactured in Belgium), fresh cream, oil processed food (sugar, vegetable oil, whole milk powder, lactose, skim milk powder, cocoa butter), caramel cream, cocoa butter, caramel sauce, Sugar-bound starch syrup, coffee, butter, vegetable oil, salt/emulsifier, coloring (titanium dioxide, yellow 4, blue 1, red 40, cacao, yellow 5, red 3), fragrance, preservative (sorbic acid K), ( Contains some milk ingredients and soybeans)

*Made in Japan

[提前預定] 日本歌帝梵 X 集合啦!动物森友会巧克力礼盒 6片/盒) +化妆包

共6款《集合啦!动物森友会》角色巧克力和6款以游戏中的标志和物品为原型的巧克力,歌帝梵 2023年情人节主题,原创设计的旋转木马。 罐装。
巧克力长 85 x 宽 123 x 高 16mm 70g

小袋尺寸:长 40 x 宽 160 x 高 110 毫米

巧克力(砂糖、可可块、可可脂、全脂奶粉)(比利时制造)、鲜奶油、油加工食品(砂糖、植物油、全脂奶粉、乳糖、脱脂奶粉、可可脂)、焦糖奶油、可可粉 黄油、焦糖酱、糖浆、咖啡、黄油、植物油、食盐/乳化剂、色素(二氧化钛、黄色4、蓝色1、红色40、可可、黄色5、红色3)、香料、防腐剂(山梨酸 酸K), (含有部分牛奶成分和大豆)



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